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Oscar Winners 2015



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We had a memorable experience in Selma this past weekend!

Selma 50th in Pictures:  We took pictures and tweeted in real time, and you can see an overview on one page by clicking here.

Marching on the Bridge with John Lewis and President Obama:  I was honored to represent the Joint Center in marching to the top of the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Saturday.  My Huffington Post piece on the experience is here.

Joint Center Selma Voting Event:  Professors Ted Shaw, Khalilah Brown-Dean, Ismail White, and Andra Gillespie captivated us in an engaging roundtable discussion on the new Joint Center voting report at the Selma Public Library, just after the President’s speech.  The report has been well-received and extensively cited.  Many people-including both John Lewis and Martin Luther King III-mentioned the report while I was in Selma.  Click here for the 2-page summary and the full 46-page report.


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Shania Twain is Back!
Shania Twain announces her 'final tour'
Shania’s been off the scene for 10 years!  She’s back to perform her last tour!  Check it out!
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