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viaj can help you identify, develop and market your talent to inspire those you are blessed to share your gifts and talents with!

Whether you’re an introvert with a hidden desire to speak, sing, act or model or that ‘shining star’ waiting to be discovered, our training and coaching services will assist you in taking your skills to the next level. Visit the tabs below to obtain further details on what you can expect when you study with us!


vocal training

These sessions are ideal for anyone wanting to develop a new talent, improve their existing talent or simply try something new.

Training consists of various exercises. Each hits on an aspect of voice production such as relaxation, breathing, resonance, vowel placement, dynamics, harmony and so much more.

This training goes further in applying these newfound techniques, perfecting stage performance and audience engagement and advising in areas of image and styling as well as the business of the business.


Our purpose is to customize training packages to focus on the clients’ particular area of need. In vocal training, we acquaint students with various elements of vocal hygiene as the foundation of their vocal technique producing a healthy and sustainable means of expression in the use of their gifts. Through increasing active listening, creativity, sensitivity and appreciation for music one can develop appreciation, discipline, understanding and eliminate self and peer judgement which opposes true empowerment.

Course Preview

Think of vocal training like any other type of workout in a gym, only using different muscles!

  • Week One – Introduction to Voice and Vocal Hygiene
  • Week Two – The Physical Aspect of Voice as it Relates to Your Image


web training

Tired of driving to and from your lessons spending time, gas and energy unnecessarily? In this economic climate we all look for ways to reduce consumption yet still make time for the things that make life worth living.

Enjoy your next session from the comfort of your home or office via the Web! There’s no additional cost for this web service. Want to begin doing web training? Simply click on the logo icon below and get started today!


acting courses

Take your acting abilities to the next level. In your private sessions we will work on some of the following areas:

  • Improvisation Techniques and Exercises
  • Timing, Rhythm, and Control
  • Getting Noticed and Winning Roles at Auditions

The purpose of our acting courses is to acquaint students with industry terminology and practices, increase knowledge and understanding of techniques and performance skills, discover sensitivity, creativity and genuine expression that strengthen the impact of performances and promote confidence in giving the most engaging performances.

Course Preview

Here’s a sample of what you can expect during your 6 Week Acting Session!

  • Identity
  • Character
  • Objective
  • Improvisation
  • Relationship
Students on the Move

share in the success of fellow students

The best explanation for what we can achieve together comes from the results and stories of our students. Click on their stories below and share in their growth experiences.

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