Purpose as Art

My Purpose?

Wow, y’all!  I was lifted this past Saturday night!  In this era of ever so trite and void presentations so many call ‘art’, I experienced a rare renewal, a renewal that breathed a breath of fresh air into my being.

As an artist, it burdens my heart that God has bestowed so many gifts and talents on us, has entrusted us with the unique ability to move a person’s heart to a greater state of being, to change a person’s mind to live a better life and be a better person,Got Purpose? but we, arrogantly, switch the focus of His purpose to our own circumventing the intended outcome.  We have the audacity to think it’s all about us.  We mistakenly fix our efforts on placing the spotlight on how WE look, what WE wear, how WE sing, how WE act, how WE dance, how WE play.  WE get it twisted.  WE simplifies and even dumbs down our impact on the world.  When the focus is on us, we’re just simply ‘singers’, ‘dancers’, ‘actors’ and ‘musicians’.  ‘Celebrity’ and the pursuit of it has stolen the very healing, wholeness and deliverance we are only stewards over, depriving desperately needy patrons who live in this dark and sick world to stay where they are ~ stagnant, unproductive, unstable.  The saddest part is that many gift and talent toters don’t even think to point their focus in the right direction when pursuing ‘stardom’.  They begin their journey focused on how THEY can get to the top and not on the reason they’re headed there.

Not so for my sister, Ayanna Gregory, daughter of Dick Gregory and “Daughter of the Struggle”, a child of the Civil Rights Movement.  Daughter of the StruggleHe says of her, “The world deserves her.”  I couldn’t agree with him more!  What I experienced in her artistry was pure purpose.  She actually shared herself, her very being from the deepest place any artist could ~ the place of truth.  This made her purpose art.  Her art was not her purpose, as it should be.  This is what causes my heart to carry her with me long after experiencing her artistry Saturday.  We, her audience, didn’t walk away just having been entertained yet empty and longing for answers to our most intricate questions.  On the contrary, she filled us up to overflowing inviting us to find those answers by stirring up our gifts within.   Yeah, those gifts found in the place your ‘art’ can’t be; you know, where aspirin can’t reach?  The depth of her truth was realized in her passion and her love to do what is the job of every true artist ~ to tell the story as it is ~ to communicate the message imparted.  You absolutely MUST experience this great purpose and be inspired to find your own!  Click here for a sample of her work.  Support her music, her theatrical plays and any other revelations realized and shared with us through her.

Ayanna & CarlynciaI’ll leave you with this.  True artistry is responsible.  True artistry is purposeful.  True artistry is integral.  There is a purpose for our gifting, a plan for our talent.  It’s not for us; it’s for others. Sure, we are able to enjoy residual benefits as we share our gifts and talents but that’s to remain secondary to our ultimate purpose ~ empowering, inspiring, changing others through our artistry.  True artistry diligently speaks absolute truth.  There is no considered compromise, only conclusion.  Do you know where you would be found on the artistry continuum?  We’d love to assist you in finding your place.  It’s never too late to move up.

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