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Artistic Empowerment Centers, Inc. presented

“The Easter Bonnet Senior UniTea©”

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Today is Palm Sunday, the day that begins Holy Week!  In it, we recognize and celebrate the coming, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  To share the awesome love we now enjoy as a result of His sacrifice, our sister organization, Artistic Empowerment Centers, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit performing arts outreach organization, sponsored an tea yesterday purposed to unify the senior community of Bladensburg, MD, it’s headquarters.

The seniors enjoyed several fun-filled occasions to fellowship through interactive games and exchanges which proved quite helpful in learning about themselves, one another and neighbors they didn’t know!  There was one senior who met 6 people she didn’t know before attending the tea!  How much richer her world became!  In addition, there were opportunities to learn about engaged community groups such as the Graceland Bible Faith Church newly started here in Bladensburg as well as the Citizens Action Committee of Bladensburg.  The ladies enjoyed being serenaded with “My One and Only Love” sang by Joseph Vanison, a viaj entertainment services private vocal student, and laughed throughout the program as our actors, Nikki Taylor, AEC’s Outreach Coordinator and viaj entertainment services student, and AEC volunteer and Bladensburg resident, Lorna Tannahill, performed three amusing pieces relative to the senior living experience.  Pastor and First Lady Bakare of Graceland Bible Faith Church shared reflections appreciating what seniors contribute to our community as a whole publicly thanking them for all their wisdom has afforded the world.  The ladies sipped on herbal teas while enjoying fresh fruit, baked goods and even sweet customized cupcakes topped with Easter bonnets donated by a local Bladensburg business, Pink Confetti Cupcakes.  We had several volunteers – Ron, Jamal and Jordan along with the Graceland Bible Faith Church family – who assisted with our games and took part in entertaining the ladies at their Easter-decked tables.  In addition, we were blessed to have Bladensburg Culinary student, Gifty Soga, with us to serve the refreshments.
How delightful it is to serve others rather than ourselves!  It’s this same selfless service to mankind the Lover of our Souls showed giving Himself as the Ultimate Sacrifice and Perfect Ransom buying our condemned souls out of bondage to eternal freedom.  We thank Jesus for our privilege of offering ourselves to serve His purposes as we wish you and yours a Happy Resurrection Season!
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