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Titania Tiny Adams


In Greek Mythology, the Titans were members of the second order of divine deities. During the Golden Age, they were known for their immense strength and were responsible for building the very first Greek Temple. With the word Titan meaning “one of great strength,” their name was definitely appropriate; as is the name of one of Washington DC’s newest vocal talents: Titania “Tiny” Adams.

But don’t confuse her nickname with her first name. Titania is not so “tiny” in regards to her sound, personality and legendary future.

Born in Kankakee, Illinois, about an hour south of Chicago, Tiny grew up with a love of music and discovered her voice after hearing Mariah Carey’s 1990 hit, “Vision of Love.” Combining her love of music with her long time fascination with living on the east coast, in 1998, Tiny packed up her Ford Probe and took the 11 hour drive alone from Illinois to Washington D.C.

After moving to the DMV Area, Tiny became an online radio host and landed many acting opportunities including roles in television commercials and music videos for local companies and artists. A few of the highlights of her career was working with Grammy Award winning producer Vudu Spellz and sharing the stage with “The God-Father of Go-Go” himself, legendary Chuck Brown.

As her highly anticipated debut album is in the works, Tiny continues to perform weekly at numerous venues in DC as vocalist for Da’AfterMath Band. Her new single “Fire Charmer” is a breath of fresh air for R&B, and like a true Titan, Titania is determined to leave a legacy that matches her name.

Titania Adams ~ Fire Charmer

Titania’s Music on SoundCloud

Monica Nicole


As Monica~Nicole embarks upon her musical journey she has one goal in mind…. Connect.  A singer~songer writer from  Washington, DC, Monica, was born into an eclectic artistic environment.  With a mother who sang in many gospel ensembles, an avid poetry writing grandmother and a father who appreciated and avidly listened to Popular Rhythm and Blues Monica was destined for music.  Monica grew up singing and performing in local churches from as early as 5. It was clear from a very early age that Monica had a developed ear often imitating and signing along in harmonies learned at her Mother’s rehearsals.  For Monica music has always been feeling not just sound.

Monica Williams ~ Second Quarter 2011

As an early teen Monica performed with her older sister in a gospel duet and opened for several local music artists. This garnered the attention of an up and coming writer who solicited the two to audition for a BET producer.  Monica eventually followed her musical destiny and began recording in local studios.  Never considering cover performances, Monica begun writing her own lyrics to instrumentals.   Advised early about the benefits of not only singing but seriously writing Monica developed an unexpected passion.  The ability to express herself and creative process attracted Monica to not only performing bur writing music. Through introduction to a local producer Monica began writing original pieces. Monica begun successfully competing in talent showcases in DC and Atlanta.

As Monica worked diligently to navigate the music business on her own she caught the attention of a popular 80’s billboard winning producer.  Through this connection Monica traveled to New York where she  wrote and recorded “Over” a stirring ballad about love and loss.  Monica began appearing regularly with local R&B Jazz band Y2K and as a featured artist at several events in the mid Atlantic region.   Noting her ability Monica garnered the attention of Grammy Award Winning producer Teddy Riley and solicitation from a major record label A&R.   She has continued to collaborate with writers and actively participates in her church’s music ministry.  As a member of the music ministry she has had the honor of singing background for several musical artist— most notably Lady Tramaine Hawkins.  Monica is currently working towards completing her solo project.

Diyanna Butler


Diyanna Butler ~ First Quarter 2011

Diyanna Butler

A professional dancer, Diyanna has danced for the Congressional Black Caucus for the Phoenix Award Dinner.  She’s trained with the Broadway Dance Center, Woodbridge Dance Academy, Sherry’s Dance Center, Edge Performing Arts Center as well as the Maryland Youth Ballet and enjoyed being a company member of Capitol Movement Project.  She’s been featured at the Potomac Nationals Baseball Minor League, Edge Performing Arts Center, DC Hip Hop Festival and the Children’s Defense Fund.