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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover


How many Judgment Good v Eviltimes have you actually looked at something or someone in life and immediately passed judgment? Well, we all have done it. Last week, I watched the vocal reality show, “The Voice” on television and I decided that it would be cool to act as if I were a judge. So I turned around in my chair and listened to the contestant that was singing on stage. I can’t remember his name but I do remember he was singing a country song and he had an awesome voice. Before I turned my chair around to see who was singing, I immediately had a vision of what he could look like.

Dream Stealers


Have you ever told a close family member or friend your dream? Did they believe in you? Or was the dream so big that they couldn’t fathom you or even God pulling it off? From a very young age I have always known I wanted to sing. I told everyone I was going to be a singer. “ I’m going to win my Grammys, BET awards, MTV awards, and more.” It’s something I’m sure all you dreamers out there have experienced ~ the thrill and total confidence in knowing exactly what you were made to do in this world.