Bubble Guts at the Easter Bonnet UniTea©2015

Everyone has their own unique motivations as to why they pursue the art of singing.  Some people want to be famous while others desire the lucrative possibilities that the entertainment industry provides.  I have always had a sincere appreciation for the art of singing because of it’s healing affect and the many times music has lifted me up when no one was available to listen to my sad story.  Barry White and Marvin Gaye were my guardian angels.  I took my very first “paid” singing lesson from Carlyncia Peck at the age of 14 at Bladensburg Community Center in a group five (including myself) in 1993.

Since that time, over the years,  I have dibbled and dabbled with singing.  I started private training with viaj in 2014 but dropped off 4-6 months later.  I resumed private study October 2014 and have stuck to it this time.  The only way that I was going to accomplish my goals is to remember why I started this journey in the first place. That would be my sincere appreciation for singing. However, it was during the lead up to the recent ARTISTIC EMPOWERMENT CENTERS EASTER BONNET UniTea* event that I began to develop some understanding of what it means to truly be a professional singer.   It takes a passion for the art and a consistent regimen of practice.

On the morning of the event, I got up at 4am and played the instrumental over and over again to make sure that I was clear with regards to timing.  I sang the song without the music constantly to make sure I was clear on how I wanted to execute the performance.   Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way. Gut PunchI was very lucky that I only had one song to sing.  Otherwise, I might have passed out and an ambulance would have been necessary (not for a senior at the event, but for me).  Carlyncia is a great teacher and had me well prepared to perform, but I began to understand that a great teacher can only do so much.

A student must do their part.  A student must be a great student to compliment a great teacher in order to attain success.  That means doing your part outside of lessons.  The Bladensburg SENIORS’ audience was wonderful and were pulling for me to give a great performance.  I got nothing but positive feedback (Carlyncia says, “FOR GOOD REASON”) and I truly believe the fundamentals that I learned from Carlyncia and our time preparing is what carried me through.  I had bubble guts at the UniTea.

However, I was so glad to play a role in such a wonderfully positive event that brought the seniors of Bladensburg together.  The Creator was with all of us on this occasion.  If I were to leave any words of wisdom to anyone reading this blog, it would be remember your foundation/fundamentals.  Trust Your GutsWhy are you doing this?  What is your primary reason for doing this?  Who can you potentially help by giving your performance?  And finally, KNOW YOUR FOUR STEPS!!!

*The AEC Easter Bonnet UniTea©2015 was held on Saturday, March 25th, 2015, in an effort to unify the senior community of Bladensburg, both those living in senior housing facilities as well as those living independently.  It was a great oppotunity for the seniors to get to know one another through interactive games and activities while enjoying fine entertainment, prizes, herbal tea and goodies.

Joseph Vanison is a client of viaj studying voice privately.  He’s semi-professional and aspires to become a working professional in the music industry.

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